Indian Wedding Photography

bride looking into grooms eyesPreparation

Beautiful russet browns, scarlet reds and deep pinks were scattered throughout this Indian wedding photography shoot. It was an extremely fun and colourful wedding which saw the bride wearing a traditional ‘sari’ with floral and gold embroidery. In preparation for the big day she’d also had a decorative henna design drawn onto the palms and backs of her hands and feet complimenting the detailed petals and leaves embroidered all over her flowing garments.

bride putting on earrings

Indian bride adjusting her earring

Indian bride's hands covered in henna

Portrait of an Indian bride by the window


The groom arrived to the ceremony in a flourish of song and dance with the guests serenading his arrival backed by the beating of Indian drums. He was escorted from his white car by the Brides family to a ‘mandap’ a sacred structure where the ceremony was then held. This warm white tented room was embellished with intricately carved wooden arches and seats for the bridal party, whilst the guests multi-coloured attire created a wonderful contrast against the white backdrop. The bride walked down the aisle to join the groom and the couple exchanged floral garlands to wear around their necks. They then circled a small fire that was dancing on-top of a carved wooden pyramid, holding hands and performing rituals to each other. Finally, the groom tied a beaded necklace around the brides neck to signify her being a married woman.

Once the rituals were complete, we whisked the couple outside to get some glorious pictures of them in a tall grassy field against a bright blue sky. It was a joy to photograph this couple amongst the greenery as their golden beads and bright pink floral patterns were a stunning juxtaposition against the wheat yellow background. We snapped plenty of our couple frolicking in the grass before they were required again for another traditional game. The couple sat before a golden bowl of cloudy rose-coloured water trying to retrieve a ring hidden under the milky surface. They had three changes to seek the ring, the finder of which supposedly always has the upper hand in marriage. It was great fun capturing them swirling their hands in the bowl and was something we have never seen before. Much to her excitement, the bride won all three times!

After the ceremony the couple climbed into a beautiful vintage car and began some very emotional goodbyes, which symbolised the bride leaving her parents family to join her husband’s. As they bid their farewell to the guests, the female friends and cousins of the bride stood in front of the car to stop the bride and groom from leaving. There was a lot of laughing and joking as they tried to get through, and after a few minutes the girls were given money and small gifts to let the bride and groom pass.

Indian groom arriving to the venue in white carindian guests celebrating arrival of the groom groom dancingindian woman in sari dancinggreeting the indian groom

indian wedding ceremonyindian wedding ceremonyindian wedding ring gameindian wedding ring game

bride and groom waving goodbye at indian wedding

indian bride and groom ready to leave the ceremony in their carIndian femal friends of the bride demanding money from the groom


The guests then feasted on delicious traditional vegetarian food before the bridal party slipped into a change of clothes with a distinctly glamorous black-tie feel. The bride, now wearing a glittering blue gown, and the groom, suited an embroidered blue silk tux, opened up the dance floor with some rehearsed routines and plenty of fun choreography. There were laser lights, smoke machines, and tons of tunes to keep the guests on the dance floor well into the evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the colourful experience of this Indian wedding photography and we hope to do more weddings like this in the future. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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